4 yr old boy graduates from Balance Bike to Pedal bike with barely a blink of an eye…

by Stacey on June 29, 2010

Simon is finally getting REALLY crazy about his pedal bike!  He is now 4 1/2 yrs old.     He could ride this pedal bike at 3 1/2 yrs old, but being very small for his age, he could hardly touch the ground with his tippy toes to start and stop so we put it away for one more year.   Early this Summer, we carted it to the school yard, he hopped on and off he went!  No coaching, no tears, no falls.     How could this be so easy?    He has been riding a Strider Balance Bike (Prebike) for 2 years now.   He still loves to ride his strider – all around the garage, up and down the driveway – it’s such a fun and a quick and easy thrill!    It’s hard to tell when he’ll be ready to retire his strider.

Over the weekend,  less than 2 weeks after starting to ride his bike, we rode in the Portland Sunday Parkways – about a 4 mile loop through North Portland streets which are completely blocked off from traffic, with parties and bands and booths with food and games.  What fun!   Portland has this event 4 times every summer in different parts of town and many thousands of adults and kids participate.

Here is a look back at Simon on his balance bike:

Age 2... still in diapers

dare devil down hills age 2

keeping up with big brother on the dirt trails

Trying out the mini glider at the skate park age 3 1/2

Age 4, snow can't stop Simon!

We now have the Portland Biking book out for regular browsing as Simon, big brother age 7 and mom get ready for a summer of biking.   We already hit one page from the book last Sunday – a large local park near a lake with lots of paths and fun things to do.  I snapped this cute picture of our bikes together.      We are now on a new phase of biking which could never have been possible so soon without our experience with a balance bike.

Our bikes parked on our first all pedal bike outing

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Gemma October 27, 2010 at 11:46 am

Those are such cute pictures! The kids are super cute and their kids bikes are awesome! Keep the pics coming 😀

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