A Creative Mom’s Birthday Surprise

by Stacey on May 21, 2010

Elijah’s surprise 3rd birthday present – a custom painted Smart Gear Balance Bike

Lisa decided to do something really special for her son’s 3rd birthday this year.  She bought him the Classic Smart Gear Balance bike and painted it herself to resemble a motorcycle to include his age (the number 3),  his name,  a painted on speedometer and wooden headlight and tail light.

The original Smart Gear Classic Bike looks like this:

And Lisa turned it into this:

Lisa likes to dabble in a  lot of artistic things such as painting, pottery, and web design,  and obviously has some artistic talent under her belt!  But she feels that most people can add their own touches  and design their own balance bike.

When Elijah is done with the balance bike,  Lisa plans to repaint it for her younger daughter.    What an inspiration!

see some other designs here http://www.balancebikeblog.com/balance-bike/wow-personalized-balance-bikes

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