Another amazing tot’s first day on Strider Prebike

by Stacey on March 30, 2012

First day on Strider - all by myself!

This cute tike – only 1 1/2 yrs old, came to tryout a Strider Prebike today at our balance bike demo at Cafe Au Play in Portland, OR.

After just a few tries, he was off on his own,  and even managed to learn how to turn and stay on his feet – no help!    He loved it so much he kept practicing (in the rain!) for almost a half an hour.     Pretty soon, he decided to take it up a few notches and tried a few tricks including picking up the front wheel, riding through puddles, and giving it a bit of a run!

After only a short time on the Strider, 18 month old gives it a run!

You’d never know such a little guy could learn this in such a short time, unless you saw it yourself!    The Strider Prebike is  especially  lightweight and easy to manage, and most kids 18 months and older can manage the bike completely on their own.  Even on this uneven gravel,  this young child could manage the bike and keep it upright.  You’ll  never see a tricycle going as fast as a balance bike on gravel!

Balance bikes are not only fun for kids, but are a great means for transportation (better than sitting in the stroller!) and at the same time teach balance and coordination.  Most kids starting a balance bike by age 2 or 3 are pedal biking without training wheels by (or before) their 4th bday.

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