Best Wooden Balance Bikes

by Stacey on July 13, 2013

Looking for a wooden balance bike instead of Metal?  Many people look for wooden products both for environmental reasons as well as the natural beauty wood can bestow.

If you have your heart set on a wooden balance bike, we encourage you to avoid the cheaper wooden products on the market that use plastic washers and softer wood – these bikes break easily and often barely last through the use of one child, one season.    When investing in a higher quality wooden balance bike, you not only get several years out of it and can use for several kids, it also has some resale value after you are done.

After searching the market for quality wooden bikes, Kids Balance bikes settled on 2 brands to offer our customers:  The Early Rider series and the Wishbone balance bikes.

Both of these bikes offer several features not offered on standard lower end wooden bikes and here is some features of each:

1.  Early Rider bikes

  • come in 3 sizes , fitting kids starting at 2 up to 6 years old.   XL seat post available.
  • Air tires and all metal washer/components to hold the parts and wheels to the bike.
  • Has  steering limiter feature for beginners, which can be disabled when the child is ready to have full turning radius function
  • Beautifully crafted

2.   Wishbone Balance Bikes

  • One size bike that has 3 different phases fitting kids turning 1 to 5+ years old.
  • Air tires and all metal washer/components that won’t break down.
  • Offers a simple wooden design as well as options for multiple colors, sticker patterns, colored seats and special editions crafted by specialized artist.

Check out these photos to see how beautiful these bikes are!


Wooden balance bikes need a little extra care in keeping out of the rain and elements over night and keeping in a garage or storage area during winter months when not in use.  But with a little care, these beautiful balance bikes are worth it!

Visit our store for more information and ordering!  We stand behind our products!  Call us with any questions – we have hands on experience with both of these models as well as other models we no longer carry due to quality issues.

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