Biking = Freedom

by Stacey on September 24, 2012

1st grader riding his new 20" Novara on the beach.

We went camping last weekend and my youngest enjoyed riding on the beach for the first time.  We actually biked everywhere around the campground, which not only made things easier because it was a big campground and  1/2 mile to the beach, but made it FUN!

It was disheartening to see kids ages 4,  5,  and even 6 trying to ride around on bikes with training wheels in the campground – most of all because it was painfully slow with the rough road and very easy to tip over.

If your child isn’t riding yet, or stuck on training wheels – buy them a balance bike and get ready to be amazed at how fast it will teach them to ride a bike!  Over and over you can see posts about kids riding without training wheels by age 3 1/2 which both of my son’s did.

Do you have a child age 5, 6 , 7?   The 16″ Go Glider is perfect for kids 5 1/2 – 9 years old and usually will teach the skills needed to start pedal biking within weeks.   Think about next year camping and how fun it would be to see your kids zipping around the campsite, free as a bird.    We have bike for kids ages 18 months – 10 years (adults too!).  Call or email us for which bike will fit best! or 503-709-8782

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