Biking is not just for summer time!

by Stacey on October 18, 2011

Are you thinking you’ve lost the chance for your child to learn on a balance bike now that summer is over and winter is looming?    Not so!   Many children – including my own have used their balance bikes year round, even in the rain and snow!   Kids need to get out and burn energy and get exercise and there’s is no easier way then on two wheels!  Check out these kids on balance bikes in the winter!    Also, many kids (and parents) take advantage of basement areas and garages to let kids have some fun on their balance bikes during the bad weather.  We built an obstacle course in our basement one winter and my son rode around it for hours while we were snowed in.   So don’t wait!   By Spring weather, your child could be an “expert” rider and ready to zoom right out the door back into the sunshine – or possibly even ready for their first pedal bike!

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