Do you have a 5 – 9 year old not riding a bike yet?

by Stacey on March 15, 2012

9 year old on Go Glider Bike

9 year old on Go Glider. 53" tall

It’s not uncommon these days to find grade school kids who are not yet riding a pedal bike without training wheels.

Why?  One reason  may be there are more families where both parents are working and kids have less free time playing outdoors during daylight hours.

More of our free time is spent in scheduled activities and sports than ever before.    Also, kids living in bigger cities have fewer safe options to ride bikes in their neighborhood due to high volume traffic and laws around riding on sidewalks.

Older kids tend to be more fearful (than the little guys) of trying to learn to ride a bike, possibly due to embarrassment of falling,  fear of falling, and the higher difficulty of learning on a bigger and heavier bikes.

Thanks to the Glide Bike Company,  learning to ride a bike after 5 years old has become easier by using their 16″ Go Glider Balance bike.  This bike has 16″ wheels and has many features of a pedal bike including 5  fun colors,  foot pegs to use while gliding,  a handbrake,  and a kickstand.

Green Go Glider bike

New Go Glider color! Green!

The Glide bike is great for kids over 44″ tall with an inseam of at least 18.5″ or greater for the best starting fit.   Kids smaller than this should go with the Mini Glider version.    Learning to ride is a snap.  You simply walk the bike while sitting on the seat.  After getting comfortable, you can go faster or down a small incline while picking up your feet slightly.    Once a child is able to glide with their feet on the pegs, they are ready for a pedal bike (though they may not want to give up their balance bike yet!)

Check out Glide Bike owner Ed Mondello as he teaches several kids and an adult how to ride a bike on one of their Learn to Ride events:

Did you see that cool adult balance bike near the end of the video?

Yep – that’s Glide Bikes newest Super Glider for adults or older youth ages 11 and older (around 5″3″ and taller). What’s so great about the Super Glider is that it has many uses.

It’s a foldable bike to use while travelling.  You can also add on pedals/chain for regular pedal biking when you are ready (this is included).    The pedals can actually be added and folded back into the bike at any time so you can transition back and forth from balance bike mode to Pedal bike mode or use it for several different riders.

Adult balance bike

Super Glider Balance Bikes for adults or older youth 10+ yrs.

The Glide Bikes continues to expand it’s line of products and recently added Orange and Green to their Go Glider line up,  and the mini gliders for kids 3 -5 yrs will come in the additional colors as well in late Spring.

So if you are frustrated at seeing your child struggle with training wheels or they are hesitant to learn to ride a bike, consider the 16″ Go Glider or Super glider for older youth to give them a secure and comfortable start.   It will be worth the investment when you see your child quickly and confidently begin pedal biking within a matter of weeks to months.

And trust us when we say, you will NOT be tossing that Go Glider out once they learn to pedal bike!   We have  older kids play on the 16″  glider bikes long after mastering a pedal bike!   Same goes with the little kids age 5 and under.  Riding a balance bike is simply fun and easy and can be easily done even inside a basement or garage during poor weather, or on the sidewalk in the neighborhood.   Because a balance bike is easily controlled with your feet,  it is safer and easier for kids to manage on sidewalks than a pedal bike.

Check out the selection of Glide Bikes at Kids Balance Bike Store

Girls on Go Gliders

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