Get your Balance bike holiday thinking cap on!

by Stacey on September 30, 2014

Ages 5 and 2 trying out 16" Tykesbyke and 12" Strider

Thinking of getting a balance bike for your toddler, preschooler, or school age child who isn’t riding yet?   This may be the time to do your research and decide on a model and color.  Balance bikes are becoming more and more the rage and every year the distributors struggle to stay in stock as long as possible.

We not only have things running out sometimes before Thanksgiving, we have models arriving late October – Mid November that are out of stock now.   So this can leave just a small window open for ordering your first choice of  a balance bike.

Here are some key things to keep in mind when ordering a bike for the holidays!

1.  Measure your child’s height and inseam right before ordering to get the best fit.  Don’t use their measurement from their last doctor appt. in the summer or last Spring – kids can grow faster than you think in just months!

2.  If you are buying for a child 4 or older, these bikes always tend to run out the fastest!  Especially if they need a 14″ or 16″ balance bike or the larger 12″ Scoot by Ridgeback.    Order as soon as you can on these sizes!  The Tykesbykes 16″ – great for kids turning 4 and older with a 17″ or longer  inseam will be coming in mid November is several colors!  Call us about pre-ordering in Purple, Orange, or Green!   Black with green accents NOW available!

3.  Certain brands tend to have smaller supply or a history of running out early.  These include the popular Kinderbike (Laufrad or Mini) – not even arriving until mid to late October – call us about pre-ordering!) and FirstBIKES.    The high end 12″ Scoot by Ridgeback is also is smaller supply and high demand.   The Newest Kinderbike E-series air – the lightest bike with Air tires with a seat range of 11″ – 19″  is available now – but expect it to run out before the holidays!

4.  When your balance bike arrives – open the box and check  that all parts are there and there aren’t any scratches or significant problems.  Although rare – it easier to fix several weeks prior to the holiday, rather than stress what to do at midnight before the special day when things aren’t right!

Feel free to call Kids Balance Bikes for advice or pre-ordering options!   Check out our holiday ordering page here for a few more details on holiday ordering.

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