May is National Bike month!

by Stacey on May 10, 2013

May is national bike month and the perfect time to get your toddler, preschooler or school age  child on a balance bike and riding!

Is your child too young?    Mostly likely not.   Check out this tot above on a Strider Prebike – one of the best for the youngest riders starting as young as 16 – 18 months old.  Great thing about a Strider Prebike is it’s adjustability – adjusting up to fit kids as old as 4 -5 yrs old and a large variety of accessories such as colored grips, seats, wheels, and pneumatic air tires as an option.

Balance bikes are not just for toddlers though!  Preschoolers ages 4 -5  and school age kids 5 – 10 can also gain confidence in biking and benefit from a balance bike.

The Mini Glider and FirstBIKE have gained popularity with the 3 – 5 yr old range and the slightly larger frame has a nice fit for the taller or older preschooler.   Remember, balance bikes are not suppose to fit like a pedal bike where you need to be high off the ground to for the pedal radius.    You usually go a size down for a balance bike so kids can have their feet flat on the ground and can manage the size and weight of the bike easily.

A bike that has gained a tremendous momentum in the last few years is the 16″ Go Glider bike by Glidebikes.    This is sized for kids turning 5 – 10 yrs old (about 44″ – 54″ tall).   This bike has helped 1000’s of school age kids get off training wheels and riding with their friends.

Bottom line is that it’s hard to go wrong in getting a balance bike for your child.  It’s not only fun to use, but teaches essential skills that keep kids off training wheels and into the fun world of biking and even younger ages than ever imagined before.

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