New 16″ Balance Bike a big hit for kids 4 – 8 yrs old

by Stacey on September 11, 2013

A new and amazing balance bike for school age kids  has appeared in the lime light and we wanted to take a minute to brag about it.

Tykes Bykes has upgraded their 14″ balance bike to a 16″ balance bike by adding 16″ pneumatic tires and some other great upgrades.   By doing this, they have extended the age for this bike to around 4 up to 8+ years old.   This makes it PERFECT for those inbetweeners that are towering over the 12″ bikes on the market but struggling to fit into the standard 16″ bikes now available.

What makes this bike fit these kids is the slightly smaller frame which we feel is closer to a 14″ bike frame.    Also a positive is the adjustable handlebars that will rotate forward for kids  on the beginning range of the bike.   The seat goes down to 16″ off the ground so can fit an average child turning 4 years.  It’s best if the child’s inseam is about 17″ with shoes on for a comfortable fit and control of the bike.

The pneumatic tires are fast rolling making it a fun ride for these kids ready for the speed and thrill of bike riding, but just haven’t made it to a pedal bike yet.  The handbrake adds safety measure and is easy to use for kids as young as 4 yrs.

We really can’t complain about anything on this bike!  We have had kids ages 4 – 9 yrs all try this bike out and they literally fight over who gets it next.   Right now the colors are limited, but by the end of September, the bike should be available in both green and purple as well as the currently available Orange.

Here are some comparison pictures for youngest to oldest on this 16″ Balance bike:

Just turned 4 the day she tried it out:

just turned 4 year old

Below is an older 7 year old on the bike:

7 1/2 year old on Tyke Byke 16 inch

We have found that kids love balance bikes even after learning to ride a pedal bike without training wheels.  It’s just fun and easy and often used for tricks at skate parks (at your own risk – always wear helmets and protective gear!) .   Here is the same 7 year old trying a new trick on the Tyke Byke.

advanced rider doing tricks

Like the 16 inch balance bike, but your child is too small still?  Tyke Bykes has the same thing in a 12″ version with several new colors available end of September!   Same great features for kids turning 3 up to 5 yrs old.

Check out more of the great features on our Tykes Bykes listing page

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