New 2013 Go Glider bike a huge hit

by Stacey on May 18, 2013

Glidebikes has come out with a new 2013 version of their 16″ balance bike  with valuable improvements benefiting kids both in fit and a comfortable ride.

One of the most valuable assets to the 2013 Go Glider Air is the adjustable handlebars.   As seen in the picture above, the handlebars can reach far down in front so a child who may be slightly too big for a 12″ balance bike, can seamlessly transition to a 16″ balance bike without falling into that “no fit” zone.   The seat also goes down to 17.5″.   We can now recommend this bike for kids 44″ above and some even as short as 43.5″ tall.    We still recommend an inseam of at least 18″.

The Air tires are also a bonus for older kids who are heavier than toddlers and can be a little more comfortable with the bounce and give of inflatable tires.  They also have a heartier grip on the pavement.

Here is a child about 43″ (the very starting range) of the Go Glider Air.  Removeable pegs are also a bonus for kids who are more timid or need the least amount of distraction when starting out.   Comes in 5 colors!  Blue, Red, Green, Orange, and Pink!

Remember to choose the Go Glider Air tires if you are looking for these new features.     Glidebikes still has a decent stock of  EVA tire 16″ Balance bike which are great for kids around 6 – 10 years old and if you are looking for no hassle tires that never need inflation.

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