New Kinderbike E-Series Air – for the littlest riders!

by Stacey on September 3, 2014

Kinderbike is excited to bring to the forefront another model in their line up that is sure to stir up some excitement for those with the youngest of riders!

A small bike with air tires, weighing a mere 7 pounds, with the convenience of quick releases on both seat and handlebars.   Oh and wait, it also comes with a free seat extender so your child will never outgrow their bike before they are ready for a pedal bike!

And all this by a company you can trust and at an unmatchable price at Kids Balance Bikes of $99.   There is not a bike on the market we are aware of that has all the features for the littlest of riders, let alone at this very affordable price range.

Available now at Kids Balance Bikes!

The regular Kinderbike and Kinderbike Mini’s will still be in the line up and the 2015 models will arive around October 15th.  (p.s. we have a few left as of 9/3!)   So what’s the difference between the 3 models?

The 2015 Kinderbike Laufrad  (available mid Oct) has a starting seat height of 13″ and will have an XL seat post included to bring it up to over 20″.   It includes a handbrake as well.

The 2015 Kinderbike Laufrad Mini is most similar to the Kinderbike E-series air except the Kinderbike Mini has a handbrake, weighs closer to 9 pounds, and has handlebars that have an adjustable forward/back feature where as the E-series adjusts up/down only.

The E-Series offers a much lighter model,  more simplistic with no handbrake for the younger crowd.  Most kids will not start using a handbrake until around 3 1/2 yr old.   Many parents want to keep a first biking experience simple.  Handbrakes can be a distraction for a 20 month old especially when they will not be using them for awhile.  It also makes the bike heavier and the cables will extend from the handlebars to the back wheels.

Here are some close ups of the new E-Series:

Red Kinderbike E-Series Air

Quick releases come on handlebars and seat post!

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