Persistence pays off for 12 month old Strider rider

by Stacey on March 9, 2012

12 month old climbs on Strider Bike

This adorable little girl, just turned one, happen to be at Kids Balance Bikes demo ride at Cafe Au Play yesterday.   She was instantly attracted to the bikes and kept toddling over to them and tried to climb on.   Being only 12 months old , she is still too small to be an “independent” Strider rider,  but did she care about that?

No way!   She wanted to get on!

Well her persistence paid off and mom finally let her get on and give it a ride.   I think I see a Strider Prebike in this girls future!   She’s been invited back to our weekly demo rides and I think she will be climbing into the  stroller next Tuesday about 9am to head on over!

The Strider Prebike is great for kids with an 11″ inseam up to 5 years old!   Some tall kids reach this leg length by 15 months and some take until 20-22 months old.   Legs grow fast between 1 and 2 years old, and we have never had a turning 2 year old not fit on the Strider bike, the littlest starting range and lightest of all balance bikes.

Read more  about the Strider Prebike including their new BMX program at our new Balance Bike Info site,  now under development.

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