Summer has begun!

by Stacey on June 1, 2010

Best friends Simon and Stella on their Strider and Mini Glider balance bikes for a special trip

These two preschoolers, both age 4, went for a 15 block  ride (each way!) to the ice cream shop yesterday for a yummy treat!   Lots of shoppers were out on the sidewalks, people eating at cafes,  window shopping and didn’t seem to mind the two tikes  zipping politely around everyone as they headed for their destination.

Traveling by balance bike is sure a fun and easy way to get from point A to B!   These kids would never have walked 30 blocks without a complaint – even for ice cream!   I had to walk at a fast clip to keep up with them – what a great way for alittle exercise!

I was sure to set up the rules of stopping at the end of each block so we could all cross the street at the same time.  Anyone who broke the rule would have to walk holding mom’s hand while mom carried the ultra light bike…. however no one broke the rule 🙂     Younger kids may need more guidance and closer supervision while riding on a city sidewalk.

What a fun outing!  We will definitely be doing it again!

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