The 2014 Kinderbikes – new XL post for extended use!

by Stacey on June 13, 2014

UPDATE FALL 2014:   The new 2015 Kinderbikes arriving early October will have the XL post for extended use  included in your purchase!  This applies to all models – the Kinderbike Laufrad, Laufrad Mini, and E-Series Air.   Way Cool!  Going on pre-sale in the next week!

Kinderbikes have arrived for summer riding!   Available are the Laufrad Mini (ages 18 months – 4)  and the Laufrad regular – for kids with a 13″ inseam up to 5 yrs.

We want to highlight the Kinderbike for some of it’s special features that sets it apart from many other balance bikes:

  1. V- brake:    Smoother stopping,  easy to service at any bike shop if needed, and removeable (and reattachable) if desired.
  2. New for 2014 is availability of XL post (4 extra inches!)  for extended use (fits both the Laufrad and the Mini)  The Kinderibike uses a standard type bike seat with rails – which is a special feature for a 12″ bike.  This means you can adjust the seat in many ways – including forward/back and the tilt.  It also makes it very easy to change out a post to a longer one.  Not sure what this is?  Check out your own pedal bike and it’s a similar seat – just smaller – toddler and preschool size!

3.   Replaceable parts including tire tubes and new for 2014 – exchangeable tires for off road use.

4.   Adjustable handlebars – both up/down and forward/back to get the fit just right for your child.

5.   Lightweight alloy frame and parts with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame – one of the best in the industry!

Available in Green, Red, and Blue in both the Mini and the Regular Laufrad.   Now shipping!

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