The New 14″ XL Scoot by Ridgeback

by Stacey on May 22, 2014

We want to welcome the new XL 14″ Scoot bike by Ridgeback to the line up for older preschoolers and school age kids 4 – 8 yrs old.

This is the cadillac of balance bikes – quality made like a real bike, without a weak point to be found.

Having 14″ tires keeps the frame just the perfect size for the “inbetweeners” who are a little too big for the 12″ bike, but not ready to jump to a 16″ bike/frame.

Here are some highlights that make this bike stand out from the crowd.

  • Only 12.5 pounds – very easy for kids 4 – 8 to manage.
  • NO CHILD WEIGHT LIMIT!   This bike is sturdy enough to handle the weight of an adult
  • Seat range 16″ – 22″ with and XL post available for up to 24″ if needed
  • BMX Style Air tires with full bearing hubs
  • Internally routed brake cables to keep out of kid’s way
  • Impressive upholstered saddle that is fully adjustable

The XL Scoot is made with safety in mind and the durability will mean long use and easy to pass down to siblings or family members.   The cost is well worth the quality and reassurance you get knowing your child is riding the streets on a bike that lives up to the Ridgeback name.

Currently coming out in Silver, with more colors to follow later this year.

Pre-order now and they start shipping next week!

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