Wait for Kinderbike Morph bike Or Not?

by Stacey on October 2, 2013

original Morph I balance bike to pedal bike

Update as of Sept. 2014:  The Morph II is still delayed and we do not have an exact release date and it is possible it will not arrive for Christmas this year.   We will update this as soon as we have a definite answer!  In the meantime there are plenty of great options for kids ages 18 month up to teen/adult size to meet your balance bike needs!

Many who have done a lot of research on balance bikes or have gotten one in the past have heard snipits and rumors about the amazing Kinderbike Morph bike that has been highly anticipated for about 3 years now.    Previous models (Kinderbike Morph I) have been released in other countries, but have yet to reach the US market.

Now anticipated (hopefully)  for the holidays 2013, will be the release of the Morph II – an improved version of this  balance bike that will “morph” into a 12″ pedal bike with a simple plug and play drive.

What is new on the Morph II is the seat range will now reach more kids – possibly kids as young as 2 1/2 and up to 6 years of age.   The seat range is expected to be in the 12″ range up to 20″.

So the big question is – wait for the possible release?  Or buy a different bike now and we are here to discuss the pros and cons.

CON – don’t wait for the Kinderbike Morph – buy the Kinderbike Laufrad balance bike or different balance bike:

  • If you need or want a balance bike now – don’t wait.  The release is tentative for Nov/Dec – but a good chance will round the corner into next year.   Your child could be pedal biking by then!   Especially if they are older and close to pedal biking – get them on a balance bike now.   We have had people wait for the Morph I for a year or more and now their child is too big for most 12″ balance bikes.
  • Keep in mind that this will only convert to a 12″ pedal bike.  Most kids turning 5 will be needing a 16″ pedal bike to be comfortable.   So most kids using the pedal bike feature will be 3 and 4 years old.
  • If you have several kids who will be using the balance bike feature –  get a traditional balance bike or the Kinderbike Laufrad for the kids to pass down, and buy a 12″ and 16″ pedal bike (used to save money) for the kids to transition into.    You most likely will not want to be changing from pedal bike to balance bike on a regular basis for your 4 or 5 year old, then 2 or 3 year old to share.
  • Cost:  The Morph will be quite a bit more expensive than buying a traditional balance bike.  Probably at least $150.   If this is not in your budget, then go with the Laufrad or another bike in the $100 or less range.   You can buy a pedal bike used for under $50 and have both options for kids to switch back and forth for awhile.
  • Lastly, younger kids especially like to switch back and forth from balance bike to pedal bike.   Once you convert to pedal bike, their balance bike is gone (until you convert back…)  My son used his balance bike more than his pedal bike because of our locality between ages 3 1/2 – 4 1/2.   It was nice to have both as separate entities to grab and go when needed.

PRO – Yes, wait for the Morph – it’s really going to be COOL

  • You’d love to have the newest and coolest balance bike innovation on the market.
  • If your child is young – maybe just turning 3 – this bike will take them all the way from balance bike mode to pedal bike mode and you will only need to purchase a 16″ balance bike when they are ready – at around 5 1/2 yrs give or take on their height.
  • If you don’t need to pass down the bike to a younger sibling, this could be the only bike you need.
  • If your child is close to pedal biking (turning 4 for example)  and they just need to learn the balance/coordination part of a balance bike, then will utilize the pedal bike for 6 months or so before going into a 16″ pedal bike.   This will be a larger 12″ balance bike that will likely have more room for the larger preschooler.
  • You don’t need it immediately – say maybe the holidays or a Jan. birthday – you could wait and see if it arrives (we should know around end of October) and have a back-up bike in mind in case it doesn’t.

Here are  pictures of the prototype for the new Morph II.     As with the regular Laufrad series, the handlebars adjust up/down and forward and back to fit the child’s age.

Balance bike mode with seat down to 12"

Change out and insert plug and play pedal drive

12" Morph pedal bike with higher seat range

We will be offering this new bike as well as the Kinderbike  Laufrad 2014 models (expected around Oct. 31, 2013 in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow) .  Visit our site listing at  Kids Balance Bikes.com to get on the wait list or pre-purchase the Laufrad series!   We will have a new review and pictures up once it arrives!

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