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by Stacey on November 2, 2011

The Strider Prebike, one of the most popular balance bikes on the market, has just expanded to offer super  fun options including choosing your own colored wheels,  grips, and seat!   Create a bike exactly to your liking!  Choose your favorite sport team colors, or your child’s 2 or 3 favorite colors.  Mix and match and make it your own!   Here are a few examples of what people are creating!   Go to Kids Balance Bikes website and use our new tool to mix and match your strider parts to see what your Strider balance bike could look like!   CUSTOM STRIDER website page.

Here are the accessories to choose from.   Wheels, grips and seats are purchased separately.   All bikes come standard with black wheels, grips and standard seat and can be changed out with your new colors:

So you have an older toddler who already has a Strider and is ready for pneumatic (air) tires?  Strider has their own Pneumatic air tires that are awesome and FAST!  They do add weight to the ultra light Strider bike and are best for kids ages 3 and up.

Also coming in the next few weeks from Strider Sports is an all new decked out model called the ST3 which comes standard with quick releases for the handlebars and seat, smaller seat for the younger kids ages 18months-3 years,  smaller grips for little hands, and handlebar pad.  Quite impressive!  If your child is turning 3 or younger, this is the model to buy!  Here is a sneek preview!:

Come visit us at Kids Balance Bikes for more pictures and to purchase your personally designed Strider bike for the Holidays!

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