What’s the Scoop with Skuut!

by Stacey on August 19, 2010

This young girl is 4 1/2 yrs old and 42 inches tall and loves her Skuut!

The metal skuut has been discontinued by the company Diggin Active in mid 2011.   You can find a similar model through PotteryBarn kids online store – though they may also be discontinuing after this year.   A few metal Skuuts can still be found on  toysrus.com or ebay.    Similar sized bike coming in April 2012 will be the Kinderbike Morph.  See our store to get on the Notify list!

Skuut has come out with a new balance bike that is metal and great for the older preschoolers!   It is one of the largest 12 inch balance bikes out there almost the exact size of a 12 inch pedal bike – which makes it perfect for the 4 and 5 yr olds who need alittle confidence and balancing skills before hoping on a pedal bike (or those really tall 3 yr olds!).    What’s nice about this bike is the real feel of a bike with the pneumatic air tires and upright handlebars.   It comes with a handbrake and a free bell.

One thing to remember before buying the Skuut is to make sure it will fit your child out of the box!  The starting seat height is 16 inches from the ground and goes up to around 19.5 inches.

Here are some more pics of the metal Skuut!

This boy is 4 yrs old and 40 inches tall

Metal Skuut next to a 12 inch pedal bike

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