Who says a balance bike is only for summertime?

by Stacey on February 24, 2010

This little tyke wasted no time grabbing his strider balance bike (had to come back for his helmet!) to go ride a few minutes a few weeks ago when unexpected snow arrived in town. What’s so neat about these bikes is that they perform the same in many different climates and turf unlike traditional trikes and bikes with training wheels. Kids have an opportunity to get their biking experience in whenever opportunity rises, even if it’s not quite the warm days of summer we adults would prefer! The Strider balance bike is the lightest and leanest of the balance bikes and great for the youngest kids and easiest to handle, lift off the ground, and even walk up hill like this youngter does regularly. This boy who recently turned 4, actually has been able to ride a pedal bike since turning 3 (had been on a strider since age 2). But because of his small stature and love of his balance bike, he prefers to grab his strider and ride “like a maniac”, tricks and all like a pro. Do you think he could lug his 20 pound pedal bike up this hill to ride it down into the garage 20 times? NO WAY! But a strider balance bike? NO PROBLEM!

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