Wow! Personalized Balance Bikes

by Stacey on June 30, 2009

I came across these cool pictures of Skuut Balance bikes which look like they were personalized by some people with talent! Now everyone may not feel they are this artistically inclined – but there are many ways you can decorate your own balance bike. You can purchased templates from a place like Michaels Arts and Crafts store or online with the letters of your child’s name – tape them on the bike and spray paint or brush it on. Then spray a clear laquer paint over your design to preserve it! There are also a lot of decals around (like wall paper decals) that kids use for their rooms which would probably work as well. I think I’m going try one out myself!

Another possibility is to just let your child paint away like this child did! It looks like they cut out and glued their hand prints on this bike, but you could do the same directly on the bike if your child can keep their little wiggly fingers still (unlike mine!)

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