A Creative Mom’s Birthday Surprise

May 21, 2010

Elijah’s surprise 3rd birthday present – a custom painted Smart Gear Balance Bike Lisa decided to do something really special for her son’s 3rd birthday this year.  She bought him the Classic Smart Gear Balance bike and painted it herself to resemble a motorcycle to include his age (the number 3),  his name,  a painted […]

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Trike or Balance Bike?

May 5, 2010

Today a lot of thoughts have gone through my mind about Tricycles verses Balance Bikes.  Of course I am a big advocate of Balance Bikes after seeing the beaming faces on the hundreds of children we have sold to locally and the many happy emails from parents all over the US who have purchased online.    […]

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How do you choose a balance bike?

May 4, 2010

This question comes up often and I know people have poured over internet based information about balance bikes trying to decide on which one!    That is actually good because there are some important differences you should consider between the different bikes to make sure it will fit your child! There are more and more balance […]

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Year of the Balance Bike!

April 13, 2010

pictured above is one of Smart Gear Toys newest balance bikes coming out mid May 2010 I recently saw an online article after the recent New York Toy Fair commenting that 2010 could possibly be THE YEAR of the Balance Bike.   We have to agree!   When Kids Balance Bikes started early 2008,  many parents needed […]

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Who says a balance bike is only for summertime?

February 24, 2010

This little tyke wasted no time grabbing his strider balance bike (had to come back for his helmet!) to go ride a few minutes a few weeks ago when unexpected snow arrived in town. What’s so neat about these bikes is that they perform the same in many different climates and turf unlike traditional trikes […]

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I love our new PV MINI GLIDER! for ages 3 – 5

July 25, 2009

This post has been updated 4/2010 to reflect the changes to the 2010 mini glider which is slightly smaller than previous versions.  Above photo is the 2009 version of the mini glider and the handle bars are now about 1 1/2  inches lower to accommodate younger children. I did not know I would love the […]

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16 Inch Go Glider Balance Bike review

July 10, 2009

Check out our newest balance bike at Kids Balance Bikes.com! I’ve been wanting to have a 16 inch balance bike for all those kids too big for the standard balance bikes out there. The highest the standard balance bike seats go is 18.5 inches (and some to only to 16.5). So if you child is […]

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Wow! Personalized Balance Bikes

June 30, 2009

I came across these cool pictures of Skuut Balance bikes which look like they were personalized by some people with talent! Now everyone may not feel they are this artistically inclined – but there are many ways you can decorate your own balance bike. You can purchased templates from a place like Michaels Arts and […]

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Flash back to winter 2008 Strider riding under cover!

June 6, 2009

I thought I’d capture these video clips before they became lost in the millions of minutes of video that stays on my camera and never really makes it to the editing table (well maybe one day!) I was thrilled when I realized we could actually bike INDOORS with the strider – at least my youngest […]

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Balance Bike Coupon Codes!

May 30, 2009

Kids Balance Bikes will be featuring discount coupons throughout the summer offering various savings and specials on kids balance bikes including the Strider Running bike, Skuut, and Smart Gear classic and Flower balance bikes. Check the right column of our blog for the current coupon code and use it at check out when you purchase […]

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