Summer is near! Get on your balance bike!

by Stacey on May 21, 2009

23 month old twins the first day on their Strider Running bikes. Wow!
A few years ago, these bikes looked like they may just be a fad, or something that kids who already had everything may get. But no longer! These facinating bikes are on the rise all over the U.S. and are starting to replace tricycles and bikes with training wheels. These bikes are simply a bike frame with wheels, and no pedals or chains for kids to get their legs tangled in. Kids just walk, run, and glide! They learn to balance and steer without even realizing how big a feat that really is!! Lots of 2 year olds can’t manage to pedal a trike as it takes alot of strength to push a trike forward in such a low seated position. Bikes with training wheels may be fun at first….. but often start tipping over when a child starts going faster and making quick turns, and you can’t go onto the grass, into the dirt, and virtually all over like on a balance bike! The amazing thing is that kids as young as 20 months can handle a small balance bike such as the one made by Strider Sports which has one of the lowest seats in the industry, measuring in at only 11 inches from the ground in it’s lowest setting. Little kids flip out when they first see that they get to try out a “big kid bike” and actually be able to fit on it and move! Not to mention they come in 6 colors to meet everyone’s fancy.

The wooden bikes, alittle larger and heavier than the Strider bikes, are great for kids ages 3-5 and the natural wooden look is definately a parent pleaser.

Come back to see more photos, videos and updates on Balance and running bikes!!

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