Year of the Balance Bike!

by Stacey on April 13, 2010

pictured above is one of Smart Gear Toys newest balance bikes coming out mid May 2010

I recently saw an online article after the recent New York Toy Fair commenting that 2010 could possibly be THE YEAR of the Balance Bike.   We have to agree!   When Kids Balance Bikes started early 2008,  many parents needed to come see what a balance bike was, were somewhat skeptical on whether it was worth the expense or whether their child would really like it.

Many parents call stating they have seen balance bikes in the park or in their neighborhood and were shocked at how well the toddlers could ride!   It is not uncommon for me to be driving down the street and see a youngster with a parent or nanny strolling down the street on their balance bike.   It sure is easier and faster to get a toddler out and about when they are on a bike verses walking!  And if they want a break from the bike?   Many balance bikes are under 10 pounds and much easier for a parent to carry than the impossible tricycle (with the pedals hitting your leg!) or the ‘weigh a ton’ pedal bikes with training wheels.

Many parents are also leaning towards a balance bike for their toddlers and preschoolers and skipping tricycles all together.  Many kids 2 1/2 and under just do not have the strength to pedal a tricycle and they try to push the tricycle forward with their feet (hitting their legs with the pedals) and they go very slow.   If a child can walk, they can start on the Strider Balance Bike, and within a short amount of time they are zipping around freely on many surfaces including small hills, grass, dirt trails, even bark chips at the park.   You can’t do this with a tricycle or pedal bike with training wheels!

Check out this video from Strider about the dangers of trikes and bikes with training wheels.  We have had a similar experience with our own kids and after one dangerous spill,  I took the training wheels off and said no more pedal bike until you are tall enough to ride without training wheels

Check out a balance bike for your child today! You will be so glad you do and so will your child!

See our Balance bike store for detailed information on several brands and sizes of balance bike to see what fits your fancy!

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